Mach2 failed to meridian flip

Terri Zittritsch

Hi,  My Mach2 failed to meridian flip last night.. I've looked at the logs and nothing jumps out at me.   I was using SGP as well, and normally meridian flips are done with little drama but best I can tell last night, based on the SGP log which I can reference as well, a command was sent to the telescope to flip but a flip never occurred and the mount just kept on tracking without flipping all night (not imaging either) until it hit the mount stop point and stalled.  The flip command was sent by SGP at 2:03am on the 24th.    I will also contact SGP and provide the log(s) to them.    Here is a link to my log zipper file:

The SGP log file (if it helps at all) is here and will be sharing with the SGP team:

Thanks for any clue as to what I might have done wrong in setup or control.    I used the same sequence as used on a prior nights successfully.


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