Re: 119FSA attachment

Donald Gaines

Hi Pete,
I’m kind of new to the forum, so take my thoughts with a grain of sand. I’m building a pier to which  I will attach the 119FSA for an 1100GTO I hope to have soon.  I plan on using all 8 holes.  The literature states: “In late 2012, the Flat Surface Adapter (formerly part # 900FSA) was upgraded to include four additional thru-holes for more secure attachment to a flat plate with the larger 1100GTO and its payload in mind.”  The 8 holes are oriented to support load along the North South axis, where depending on your Latitude you could have significant off center load on the North side.  Off center load to the East West is  unlikely if the payload is balanced.  
Don Gaines

On Friday, April 23, 2021, Pete Mumbower <pmumbower@...> wrote:
Just wondering as I prepping to mount my 1100GTO. I have removed the old CGE-Pro from the pier and getting ready to mount the 119FSA adapter and wondered if everyone used all 8 1/4-20 bolt positions on the ring? For the last few months I figured just 4 in the outer corners, but now I am figuring why not just toss bolts into them all. Or is that just overkill? If it is, sure would save my arm some soreness from drilling and tapping four more holes...


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