Re: GTOCP4 Caps

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Mike,
    If anyone still has the original CP4 released WHITE case – consider drilling the two bottom corner holes, as Tony (a.k.a.  Harley-Davidson) shows in his CP4 video.
    My original, like yours,   i.e. the initial release batch’s CP4,  also did NOT have drainage holes, so when the circuit board inside  drowned,   in dew about an inch deep inside - probably from seeping past the exposed Ethernet socket edges.
  I had the original  CP4 board replaced, but unwisely re-installed back into that original-run WHITE case. Who knew what would happen,  again?
    A few outdoor sessions after arrival, the second CP4 board also drowned during a normal night’s use, inside the same CP4 case, ( which is always protected when not in use). That’s when I discovered that the first run CP4 cases were NOT like my old CP3 WHITE case, which DID  have drain holes, and drain plugs were provided in the old days.
    The MAIN mistake was replacing the original CP3 on top of the AP-1200 mount, with the new CP4, fully “reposed” there to the dew.
Finally, the now third circuit board is still fine – after AP drilled the two case holes  for me, and I have now silicone-sealed the edges of the panel’s Ethernet socket, for added protection.   The User Guide now strongly advises to NO LONGER use any  old mount’s  upper axis attachment position for a CP4 or later, but rather have it vertically  side-mounted - which is somewhat less prone to dew entry.
    It is those “seemingly trivial oversights”  that gets one in trouble.
    I did NOT insert those conical rubber drain plugs from the Kit – why would I ? There never have been any bugs,. not even tiny mites, inside my  old case for nearly a decade, completely exposed in the backyard gardens, and there won’t be, up here in the Ontario wilds. Perhaps the USA southern states have more aggressive bugs seeking a cozy upscale electronics nest. I suppose one could just periodically  pull out the provided rubber stoppers, to drain out any accumulated dew.
    Just kidding – tongue in cheek. VERY MUCH pleased with my newest CP4  controller, now high & dry, properly “bolted vertically” on the pier’s sidewall.

From: M Hambrick
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2021 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] GTOCP4 Caps
To Joe:

I believe I read or saw somewhere (Maybe Tony's video) that plugging the holes will keep bugs out. This would only be a factor for those who leave their mount set up in a permanent observatory. Interestingly enough, my GTOCP4 (purchased in 2017) has no drain holes in the bottom. I am going to have to go back and watch Tony's video again.

To Ken:

You are correct. The part number that Mouser is sending me is RM15TRD-C(71). It has the correct thread size (M20 X 2). When I entered the other part number (without the "D") in the Mouser search bar it must have brought up the one with the D in it, and I didn't notice. My apologies for any confusion.


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