Re: APPM model how many points portable?



From APPC Pro manual

To use APPM with your mount you will need to have the following:

1) Camera Control Software and a camera supported by that software:
a) MaxIm DL Pro v5 or later -
b) CCDSoft V5
c) TheSkyX Pro Camera Add-on
d) AstroArt V3 or later
e) Any camera with an ASCOM Camera Driver
f) Sequence Generator Pro.
g) Meade DSI I-III cameras are also supported, but their sensors are usually not large enough to
capture enough stars for reliable plate solves.

2) Plate Solving Software:
a) The full version of DC3 Dreams PinPoint application. Version 6 of Pinpoint is preferred.
b) TheSkyX Pro
c) Plate solving using Sequence Generator Pro

Eventually Ray will integrate ASTAP into APPM.


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