Re: 1200GTO servicing project notes

Dale Ghent

Ah, you left out the context in your reply so it was unknown what you were referring to.

The Ryobi bits worked well for me, so I can speak only for my experience. I used the #1 extractor to remove all 8 of the delrin plugs on the 1200GTO that I serviced. A few light taps with a hammer to first seat the bit and then turning with a tap wrench was all that was required. If you do not have a tap wrench then an adjustable wrench or vice grips can serve as an awkward stand-in. But if you have extractors, you should really have a tap wrench that fits them for them to work well.

This is not to say that Ryobi bits are the only ones that will work for this task, of course. In my case, they worked better than the other brand I had from Harbor Freight.

On Apr 22, 2021, at 12:28, fernandorivera3 via <> wrote:

Dale it was a Ryobi item from Home Depot & the link was posted to the group maybe 10 days ago or so <yes it takes me a while to reply to messages due to heavy work schedule>. I believe the product was for removal of the delrin clutch plugs among other things, IIRC.


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