Re: GTOCP4 Caps

M Hambrick

What a coincidence ! I also ordered some of the caps from Mouser yesterday. They must think there is a run on the Hirose connectors. I checked the Digi-Key web site that Howard provided the link to, and it said that there was zero stock of the RM15TR-C(71), and also that they were obsolete. I checked Mouser again and they had both types of caps in stock, so I ordered several of each. The last time I checked the Mouser site, they were also out of the RM15 caps, but were expecting a shipment in June. The shipment must have come in early.

Unless someone knows of another manufacturer of these caps besides Hirose, it would be a good idea to grab some up from Mouser while they still have some in stock.

I would still like to find some caps to thread onto the RA and Declination gearbox motors on the mount. I have not had much luck finding anything.
I expect that Astro-Physics' master machinist could easily fabricate whatever caps we might ever want, and I would happily pay for them.


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