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Roland Christen

Did you use the new Y cable for your test?

Here is a short test you can do:

1) using the new Y cable, plug the short RA cable into the Dec motor box.
2) turn on the power
3) press E-W buttons (do not press N-S)

If the Dec Motor does not function properly when pressing the E-W buttons, or if the yellow light comes on in the CP4, then there is something wrong with the Dec motor.

If the motor works ok with the RA cable connection, then something is wrong with the Y cable on the Declination side of the cable. However, a new cable should not have a problem.

You can remove the motor and send it in for checking and service.


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I sent a short video to support@... showing how my DEC motor badly works. I tried a new CP4 and it works a bit differently than CP3. Now, RA motor moves as expected, no problems with W-E buttons, no yellow light even if DEC motor is connected.
But when I press S or N button and even hold it, DEC motor starts moving in proper direction but only for 1-2 seconds, then stops and yellow light is seen, RA is still OK, can rotate around polar axis, but DEC works only for 1-2 sec. It is always repeatable this way.
So, you was right that probably DEC motor/encoder is bad. I do not know if only encoder should be replaced with a new one and/or also motor needs to be exchanged.
Please advice,
Thank you,

Roland Christen

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