Re: AP1100 park position question

Howard Hedlund

PLEASE!  PLEASE!   PLEASE!  Do NOT make your roll-off walls so low that you only barely clear the scope.  Allow for the largest diameter scope that you ever plan to own, and then allow a bit of cushion.  Unless you are on the highest point on a small desert island, you won't be imaging right at the horizon, so slightly taller walls won't hurt you.  

As for stability, a balanced system is inherently stable in any AP park position.  Moving around the scope/mount/CW shaft is much easier in Park 2 or Park 3.  This is an especially important consideration if the square footage of the floorplan is also being minimized,  Running into a horizontal CW shaft can be a real headache - literally!  Bumping the scope is also never a good thing, and if you park in P1, P4 or P5 in a tight observatory, you WILL bump the system at some time.

Consider Park 2 as a good compromise position.  It isn't too much taller than P1, P4 or P5.  And again, allow yourself a bit of cushion.  

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