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Christopher Erickson

IIRC they sell through distributors. Contact them and ask.

I have found the best deals on eBay. I set up an automated search and check out the new auctions as they are put up.

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Did Linak sell direct to you?

Don Anderson

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The company is Linak out of Kentucky and the columns I used were the DL2 2500 Newton rated.  My original ones were rated at 1000 Newtons each when used with a non AP mount.  With the AP1600 and 150# of equipment on the dual column setup, I changed to the 2500 Newton thrust each – 5000 Newton total thrust.


DL2: Robust lifting column for desks, workstations and kitchens (


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Lymax columns. A lot cheaper to buy Lymax off of Ebay or wherever and make your own telescoping pier.

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
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I have used Park 4 for several years for exactly the roof height issues that you are evaluating.  This is for a 1100 mount with a 14 CDK scope.  There have been no problems.

I have a PierTech height adjustable pier (  When I need to tinker with equipment, I lower the mount and move it to P3, where it clears the roof. To remove equipment, I loosen the clutches (older style 1100) and rotate/lower the OTA to a separate support table before loosening the dovetail.  I normally leave the pier at almost max height, in order for the roof to clear on opening.

The adjustable piers are actually from another company, but I have forgotten the name.  I think Chris Erickson has these.



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