Re: AP1100 park position question

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Shailesh,
    I see good suggestions about stable, and also safe Park positions for stowing. However, I am somewhat concerned about stowing the telescope at other than Park-2 or Park-3.
    I assume there would be an “undo additional strain” on all the various screw attachments on the saddle and OTA, as well as its attached accessories, if the OTA is hanging - straight out to the side. Depending on your observatory’s Latitude, the Park 2&3 positions lessen the overhang loading, as the OTA and the heavy bar sit slightly more OVER the mount, closer to its centre of gravity, and thus somewhat decreases any undo strain on both the OTA various attachments, as well as the counterweight bar threads.
    This may be a minor point, but may be worth considering, from a mechanical point of view, assuming  that is a viable option.
Joe Z.

From: Shailesh Trivedi
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2021 12:54 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] AP1100 park position question
I am sure this question is straightforward and I have read it in the manual but I must ask for clarification about stability.

I am considering putting my AP1100 in an observatory. To reduce the height of a potential ROR observatory, is it possible to "stably", stable being the key word, park with CW horizontal and the OTA either on east or west side of the pier?

This will be the normal park resting place always, hence the request for confirmation and stability.

This decision will make a large difference for me in my choices.



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