Re: Interesting Behavior with APCC Pro and Pegasus Astro UPBv2

John Jennings

Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!

I've been diagnosing a "mount problem" for 2 weeks. Mach1, APPC Pro, AP155.+Flattener. Perfect round stars on 8 minute unguided exposures repeated one night after a new model. Next week, bad bad bad carrot!!!!!  Tore the mount apart, cleaned all gears,  re-greased, re-meshed, reset backlash on RA  axis and set perfect balance with pinion disengaged (remove gear), generally spent 2 days on mount mechanics.  It absolutely looked like the tracking rate was incorrect.... New medium model, no dice! 

Same Pegasus UPBV2 with latest software.... Did not have this behavior for quite sometime. Not to complain, but Pegaus has had a lot of bugs in their software. I've updated my system 3 times for bugs introduced in new versions. Twice in 24 hours. 

Saw this post and checked the temp in APPC Pro window. Sure enough, 65 degrees C reported. Pegasus reports 65 degrees F in its box.  I would have been searching for another month without this post. Gonna try it tonight with manual temp input. I was so careful about entering the station pressure too. It's always something.


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