Re: Questions.....does wireless now work correctly with latest updates AND does your Sky Safari 6 Pro allow multiple Park positions now.


I'm a Mach2 owner and use it with a MacBook Pro and iPhone and keypad hand controller. The recent upgrades to Sky Safari are a big improvement. I can use Sky Safari Plus to run the mount with my iPhone, even with no computer or keypad controller. The same with my Macbook. I've had occasional dropouts, but they seem to be related to the autolock on the phone, autosleep on the laptop, or conflicts with both the laptop and phone trying to simultaneously communicate to the CP5. When I keep just one device in constant active mode on the CP5 network, all seems fine.

However, there's a glitch in the disconnect commands while using my Macbook Pro with OSX Sierra (not the current OS).

1. when I request to park in its current position, it does, but stays connected.
2. When I request it to go to Park 3, it disconnects in place.
3. When I request it to disconnect at Park 4, it disconnects and slews to Park 3.
4. When I ask it to find Home, it disconnects and and then slews to Park 4.

Despite the command mix-ups, the mount does reconnect and accurately follows commands to any star or object. I've sent this info along the the Sky Safari folks.

Ernie Mastroianni
Milwaukee, Wis.

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