Re: Questions.....does wireless now work correctly with latest updates AND does your Sky Safari 6 Pro allow multiple Park positions now.

Allen Ruckle

Yes and NO,

The upgrade for the iPad iOS  v 1.8.+  does everything added for my A-P Mach2 GTO.    I began to wonder if the Mac OS version would be updated with the new A-P features.  

On March 31, the Mac OS version 1.8.0 was of SkySafari was released.   At first appears to have the A-P park Home, 3, & 4 positions added.  however upon trying it out with my MacBook Pro laptop I was surprised to find out that the selection of the Home Position goes to Position 4,   Selecting Park 3 goes to Park Position 4,   Selecting Park Positon 3.    It is nice to now be able to choose a park position on shut down but It would help if it parked in the position 3 when selecting position 3.   Since the A-P, APCC manual describes the Home Position as NCP with counterweight down, Sky Safari should send the scope position to NCP counterweight down.

On April 7th  an update to Sky Safari 1.8.0 was updated to 1.8.1,   However correcting the park positions was not included in that update for my MacBook pro with the Mach2 GTO attached.

I attempted to notify Simulation Curriculum of the issue on April 8th but my attempts to register an account to their SkySafari forum were not successful.  

Howard, Please bring this issue to them since I have been unable to.


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