Re: ETA on ASTAP Native?

Bill Long

SkyX does some really odd things that you cannot control well. 

Last night, for example, at an agressive imaging scale of 0.46"/px it continually cropped the image 25% yet there was nowhere I could find a setting at all in Image Link to stop that. It completely prevented any usage of APPM at all with that one factor. 

I hooked up SGP, and it can use ASTAP.  You know what did not happen? I did not have to turn off APCC Alt and Az model data for Polar Alignment. It worked as it should have. The previous models were all SkyX and I had to turn that off to do unguided imaging like I emailed you about. So there is that.

So if I were to give a one night (or one week as it were) vs the other experience in unguided imaging, I would actually say ASTAP solving worked better. Not worse. 


PS -- I can send cookies and coffee if it helps. 🙂 

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Hi Bill,

I'm testing with ASTAP, but I don't have a completion date because there are too many other variables in my day-to-day stuff.

Have you compared the accuracy of ASTAP to SkyX plate solving? ASTAP seems to be less accurate, especially if there are lens
distortions.  Unlike SkyX and PinPoint, ASTAP does not handle high-order distortions even if they are small. If plate-solving is
less accurate, unguided imaging quality may suffer.


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> Really getting tired of dealing with SkyX for plate solving, it is a really poor experience, as you get into 0.6" - 0.4"/px
> imaging. Meanwhile ASTAP works excellent. I have resorted to using SGP as a middle man to allow ASTAP to work
> with APPM.
> Can we please get a timeline on native ASTAP support?
> Thanks,
> Bill

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