Re: APPM model how many points portable?

Robert Berta

I have a RAPAS on my 1100. I run lots of wires (around 6) through the mount and no issue. There is a plastic segmented "separator" that comes with the mount that allows you to run the cables through and keep them clear of the RAPAS. The reason I have so many cables is I have two interchangeable for a 6" APO refractor and another for a 11" SCT equipped with Hyperstar so one set is used for each to make it faster to switch setups without rerouting wires. I also haveĀ  wires for wireless focuser power. Of course you can also run external wires like I do on my 900 mount if you run out of room. For a permanent setup internal wiring makes it neater but for a portable mount it takes longer to run all the wires through instead of just hanging them off the mount and restraining with Velcro ties.

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