Re: Mach2 thru-mount USB when using USB 3.0 ? (and an M51)


On Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 4:17 PM Robert Berta <biker123@...> wrote:
I am using USB active extenders. I have run 62' with no issues and running to a USB splitter at the mount to run a imaging camera and guider camera.

Thx for the info.    It turns out the imaging/mount-control computer is collocated with the mount/tripod... access is over remote-desktop / wifi (which is working great).
I just needed the shortest cable possible to the "thru mount" connection.
However, I'll keep in mind the powered extension possibly for the future, or if I find I need to move the computer.

Btw.. not sure I mentioned this here... I also added a Pegasus Ultimate Power Box v2 on top of the OTA to help resolve the USB3 issues.   
I kinda scoffed at getting the UPBv2 for the USB-3 managed hub.... but i'm finding the UPBv2 to be a fantastic addition.
It is very convenient to be able to power-up the camera remotely and track power usage.
Additionally, I've eliminated the robofocus controller wiring (and additional USB/serial adapter) by using the UPBv2 focus controller and a simple RJ45-DB9 cable I soldered up the other evening.
Oh.. and I no longer need the manual DewBuster controller as the UPBv2 also does intelligent dew-strap heating.  Plus the UPBv2 also tracks temperature humidity and dew point over time.


These use a small power supply plugged in similar to a cell phone charger to provide the power. As another person mentioned....I also have some UGreen USB cables that are quality. There are a few USB active cables....just make sure you get the ones that can be powered and are USB 3. Mine are all USB 2 currently.

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