Re: Questions.....does wireless now work correctly with latest updates AND does your Sky Safari 6 Pro allow multiple Park positions now.

Robert Berta

Yes...that is same for my Android version of Sky Safari 6 Pro. Before we didn't have the options for parking other than one as I recall. Now when disconnecting it has the list of options. That is great as we have been asking for this from Sky Safari for a few years! 

You said wireless works. Mine did before but would loose the connection often and usually you couldn't reconnect without closing SS an restarting which was obviously a royal PITA. To get around that I was using a SKY FI module rather than the AP wife version. The Sky Fi worked very well and at long distances but since I paid for that feature on my AP mount I was hoping it would get resolved. Others had the same issue but after many attempts at fixes it didn't get fixed until this latest release of the firmware update for the CP4.

I wonder if AP finally worked with Sky Safari programmers to solve the issue. In any case I am finally very happy that it seems to work well and the Park options is also fantastic. 

I will do some more testing but looks good thus far. More testers would be welcome.. By the way the port is 23 on mine for wireless. The way you get the IP is described in the owners manual.....or you can use the utility that comes with the firmware full package update.

I love that I can run Maxim DL for all image acquisition with my laptop but control the mount with Sky Safari which I prefer over other alternatives..mainly because it has such a huge database and ease of use. I can also create a Android virtual computer on my Windows 10 PC and load Sky Safari Android version and run both the imaging program and telescope control from one computer if I wish. If I run the Android app on my cell phone or tablet, it is nice to leave the computer alone while does its scripted imaging gathering and I can go somewhere else and use the Android device to plan other targets or investigate various Sky Safari options at my leisure without worrying about messing up my image gathering accidently. When ready for next target just reconnect and I am good to go to next object. 

For visual use for public events, being able to run the CP4 mount from my cell phone and Sky Safari 6 Pro is neat as I can show people more information, what is in the area, photos of the object, etc. on the cell phone or larger tablet. 

Maybe Howard or Roland can weigh in on who came up with the fix for both so we can thank them!

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