Questions.....does wireless now work correctly with latest updates AND does your Sky Safari 6 Pro allow multiple Park positions now.

Robert Berta

Background....since I got my 1100 mount (early model) with CP4 I tried to get it to work reliably with Sky Safari 6 Pro wireless via the AP built in wireless module. This is with Android cell phone and also Samsung Galaxy tablets.

In addition I and other AP owners were hoping that Sky Safari 6 Pro would support the multiple choices of Park positions. After updating my CP4 to the latest version firmware I noted that one fix in the update log was an improvement to wireless. Keeping my finger crossed I gave it a try.

I am also a BETA tester for Sky Safari and the version I have now has multiple Park positions including a user selectable position...just like the mount hand controller with latest AP firmware hand controller updates.

I fired up my AP wireless and FINALLY it seemed to work correctly and doesn't drop the connection as both Android and Apple products had issues staying connected before.

Could some other owners test both the wireless with Sky Safari 6Pro and also whether their non-BETA version has the additional Park positions feature now? I am hoping that finally both issues have been put to bed. I will do some more testing myself soon.

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