Re: APPM Image Scale Question and Suggestions

Ray Gralak

What am I missing?
Marty said 2x2 binning was producing images with 1 arc-sec/pixel scale. What other reason would there be for 2x2 binning to produce 1 arc/sec pixel when each pixel is 0.26 arc-seconds? It *should* produce 0.52 arc-sec/pixel image, right?


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On 4/17/2021 6:31 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:

However, since this is a color camera, if each group of 4-pixels is
considered 1 pixel, then you should enter 0.52 arc-secs/pixel in APPM
for the X and Y image scale values.
I don't understand that, Ray. A pixel is a pixel regardless of the color
filter over it.

When an image is debayered, the debayering algorithm gets light values
from every pixel, and assigns RGB values to the same pixels in the color

the resulting color image has the same number of pixels as the
non-debayered image. The image size is unchanged.

What am I missing?

--- Mike

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