Re: APPM Image Scale Question and Suggestions

John Jennings


You didn't mention if you are in a light polluted area or have dark skies. I live in a Bortle 8 sky. I had a lot of trouble Plate Solving with my Mewlon 300 reduced to f10 with the small pixels (4.63micron) of the QHY294C. I see your using USNO A2.0 for the narrow field of view. That helps a lot, but sometimes the GSC would work better in a specific area. For me in the city, it depended on what area of the sky I was solving for and how many stars were available. When I was doing a mapping run with APPC Pro with my AP900, if the Milky Way was overhead, it was a easy. At other times when the sky was star sparse, it was erratic.  I tried all types of binning with inconsistent results.  In the end, I switched  for a test to an old big pixel camera QHY8 (7.8micron) and binned x 2 and never had a problem. Almost 100% solves. I created a perfect mapping run and switched back to the 294C for imaging. When I finally switched to a full frame camera, it became easy too with the small pixels.  It's just tough with a narrow field of view, small pixels, small chip,  slow f ratio and bright skies.

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