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Eric Weiner


Thanks. After I sent those messages I watched your videos a few more times and re-read the APCC instructions. I found that I have been creating the meridian limit models incorrectly. The instructions clearly state how to set the first point, something I wasn’t doing, and that for subsequent points one should slew to the horizon if you don’t hit the pier. I wasn’t doing that either. Reading is fundamental... everything is working perfectly now.

As a follow on, regarding operations with imaging software. I use SGP. It seems that once you have the horizon and meridian limits set correctly in APCC for CW up east and west slews that all meridian tracking and pier flip features in SGP should be turned off, and that meridian reporting from APCC to SGP should also be turned off. Would you agree? It sure seems unnecessary at that point since the APCC horizon and meridian limit settings will take care of all slews and stock tracking at the limits.


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Hi Eric,

Would you say it is best practice to just reflect the
greater of the two limits w.r.t. east and west for margin.
No, that might cause a pier collision if the West limits exceed the East limits.

Instead, since you want East limits for both pier sides, you should:

1) Click "Reflect East".
2) Click "More" -> "Copy East to West"

This will set the East values for both East and West meridian limits.

Also, you might want to save the meridian limits to disk first, which would allow you to start from the original data in the future.


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I’ve got a follow on question to this topic. I created a detailed meridian tracking limit for my setup (Mach2/Tak
130NFB). The limits ended up not being symmetric for east and west, with larger limits in the west. Therefore, when
the negative values in the east side are copied over to the west side, there is still a positive limit remaining on the west
side. Will this prevent this technique from working correctly? Would you say it is best practice to just reflect the
greater of the two limits w.r.t. east and west for margin, then apply this CW up technique described in this thread?

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