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Jeff B

"You need a new battery and re-load the database.



I just did this myself as well for one of my keypads and I also updated it to the latest firmware.  Straight forward to do all, just take your time, and the reloads and update both do take a bit of run time so I mowed the lawn and raked some grass up while the ones and zeros slowly were doing their thing.


On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 11:47 AM Roland Christen via <> wrote:
You need a new battery and re-load the database.


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Subject: [ap-gto] AP1200 wont slew correctly

I have returned to astrophotography after a 10 year break and dragged out my AP1200. Its running the GTOCP3 version. Problem I am having is the mount wont slew to objects correctly.
For example I synch on sirius and when I do a Goto command to M42 the keypad states object 30 degrees below horizon?
If I synch on Canopus it wont slew to Eta Carinae, it slews but the the scope is pointing about 20 Degrees off?
Even after I have refreshed the lat/long and time zone, coordinates of objects seems way off.
Do i have corrupted database? any help appreciated.
regards Luke

Roland Christen

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