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Christopher Erickson

The factory curve is a perfect fit when the mount comes from the factory. After a number of years, the gears will polish up a bit more and the curve should be re-done.

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Just a clarification, the factory PE curve can be improved upon?






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APPM and all its functions can be used with the 1100 non-encoder mount. All you need to do is make a good PE curve using PEMPro and you should be set for some decent unguided imaging. PEMPro came with the mount.




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APPM is very easy to use, I use it with SGP/ASTAP without any problem. I guess with Pinpoint it should be no different.


However I am not sure if the investment in APCC Pro/APPM is worth it for a mount without encoders, that is, if the modeling to be really effective needs encoders or not.


Here the AP folks are best suited to answer. 


Roland Christen

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