Re: AP1200 wont slew correctly

Jeff B

If you are using the key pad, a dead battery can certainly corrupt the database for the M objects but, as I've experienced, stars and planets will slew to just fine.  So it's odd that you got errant slews from stat to star.  Are you off in just one axis?


On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 8:05 PM Luke Dodd <lkdodd@...> wrote:
I have returned to astrophotography after a 10 year break and dragged out my AP1200. Its running the GTOCP3 version. Problem I am having is the mount wont slew to objects correctly.
For example I synch on sirius and when I do a Goto command to M42 the keypad states object 30 degrees below horizon?
If I synch on Canopus it wont slew to Eta Carinae, it slews but the the scope is pointing about 20 Degrees off?
Even after I have refreshed the lat/long and time zone, coordinates of objects seems way off.
Do i have corrupted database? any help appreciated.
regards Luke

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