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HI Jil

i have excellent results with Pinpoint. we do unguided imaging at 0.63" so APPM is vital for what we do

yes it costs a bit and it's not free like ASTAP, but given your requirements i think that is a good option for you

ASTAP will be added to APPM in the future (from what I know), so consider that upgrade path as well


On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 12:20 PM Jil Tardiff <jtardiff@...> wrote:
Hi all,

New and very excited owner of a 1100GTO (no encoders) and getting ready to start.

Unfortunately (?) with this big step up in mount I decided it was time to migrate from ASIAIR and so I'm in the process of changing my entire setup including moving to a NUC with Win 10 and, importantly still struggling with what imaging suite to land on (NINA vs Voyager at present, leaning towards Voyager, but not set in stone).  So lots of things in flux, but I'm trying to not change too many variables at once.

Basic question is this: I really want to use APPM though I'm a bit concerned re: the learning curve.  Regardless, my issue is that I do not own the requisite plate solver.  So that's another purchase and I am just hung up on which way to go.  I would appreciate some input from users.  

The options from my perspective are:

1. Pinpoint
2. SkyX

I know I could go with SGP, but I am definitely not going to use it for my imaging / sequencing software. So it seems rather cumbersome to use it alongside either NINA or Voyager.  If this is not a big deal or an unnecessarily cumbersome approach , please let me know and I will re-consider.

Obviously I would prefer to keep the costs down but that is not the primary driver here.

And please, I know this discussion can devolve into the lack of support for other options like ASTAP.  I'd appreciate not having that issue raised at this point, I'd really just like to get started. 

Any and all advice appreciated!



Brian Valente

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