Re: Mach2 thru-mount USB when using USB 3.0 ? (and an M51)


Just to get some closure on this.... I've pretty much resolved my QHY268M -> Mach2 data issue with a new (shorter) cable.

Last night I secured a 3 foot USB-3-rated Male-A to Male-A cable from Amazon.   The brand was U-Green.   
(I know you all said to be careful on the amazon cables, but for a few bucks and free shipping I thought it wouldn't be too much of a gamble.)

I plugged this into the Mach2 pass-thru and to the computer (which is now sitting under the mount, and that's ok).

The camera side cable is the shortest USB-3 cable with Male-B connector I could find around the house..   (Its like maybe 1.5 meters.. I think the "factory supplied" QHY cable is 2 meters.   I'm actually looking for a shorter cable for the camera side as this one needs to get wrapped up a bunch.)

This setup seemed to work fine last night!  No dropped connections to the camera, no messed up frames, etc.  
So I suspect the issue is the 6 foot "USB 3 rated" cable I was using.   (Nonetheless, I do have a pegasus v2 on-the-way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

;^)  Longshot followup question:   Now that the computer is "on the floor" under the Mach2 Eagle... Does anyone have experience with a super clean solution for mounting a Mac Mini (2012) on the side of the Eagle pier?   
I'm thinking of getting a wall mount for the Mac Mini, and then use some sort of adapter (possibly plastic or delrin) to go between the Mac Mini wall mount and the pier, using one (or two) of the many holes on the Eagle pier.
A better solution would entail a custom "mounting" using the AP Tray brackets... This setup is to be used "portable" , so setup / teardown needs to be easy.


On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 4:07 AM Jeffc via <> wrote:
Thx everyone for the suggestions.   I've ordered a handful of super short USB-3 Male A -> Male A cables for testing.
I do feel the mount -> computer cable is a bit long.   It might be 10 feet (which is the shortest I had on hand).
(Fwiw, i'm also using USB for the Computer -> CP5 connection... on a separate port on the computer.)

I've resisted the Pegasus powerbox, but it might be time to upgrade the Dew Buster anyhow... sure would be convenient to have remote control for the dew heater.
Right now, I feel like the UltimatePB v2 is overkill, but it seems the Advance does not have a "managed" USB hub.  Plus, i could use the power (current) monitoring on a per port basis, especially when there are dew heaters involved.
The Eagle seems super clean, and flexible, but I'm just not ready to spend the $$ there.

If anyone knows of a good-bang-for-the-buck USB powered hub for the Computer -> Mount path let me know.  (Preferably fetchable from amazon.)   

E.g.  Dominique - what is the "HUB USB3" box in your schematic?   Is that basically the Active 16 meter cable?


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 8:06 AM Dominique <d.h.durand@...> wrote:
Hi Jeffc,
I have a complex installation (see the diagram in PJ) and I have no problem with my QHY294C and QHY294M-Pro, even for the 47M mode flats of the QHY294M-pro. It is useful to put a Hub-USB3 powered at the output of the Mach2 before an active extension cable. I only have a bit rate problem with a QHY5III224c because with the Altair GPCAM3 224C at 154fps no problem either.
I think that the duration of the exposures should be limited to 180s with this type of camera and in particular without Ha filter.

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