Re: new user's Keypad ? #Keypad

Dale Ghent

If I understand your problem statement, you GoTo a database object but you're unable to manually slew the telescope using the NESW buttons afterwards?

I don't know what your focal length is, but button 6 controls the button slew rate ("B: <value>" on the keypad display) and it could be set to 0.25x, which can be slow enough on wide focal lengths to give the impression that nothing is moving when you press the button - it is moving, but it's hard to perceive. If this sounds like your case, the mash the 6 button to cycle through the button slew speeds and try a faster rate.

This is covered on page 37 of the keypad manual.

On Apr 13, 2021, at 12:00, mmccawsprojects via <> wrote:

Bought a used AP 1600, super nice machine. I'm trying to become fluent with the Keypad work flow process. For some reason I'm not getting how to move the RA and DEC. So once I use the goto function to an object, it's in guiding mode. Do I need to somehow get it to unguide? if so, what key sequence do i use.


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