Re: Custom pier adapter for AP 900

David Fischer

Here is how I made my AP900 pier adapter.  I got hole positions from a copy of the pier adapter that was on an ATS pier.  Beware that the East and West "A" holes ("B" holes on your diagram) are not diametrically opposed.  They are offset from center-line but still on the 3.615 inch circle.  Have a good look at where the East and West slits lie as seen from the bottom of the mount.

This photograph is not my adapter but is the top plate from the ATS pier that I measured hole locations from.

-- David F.

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 8:12 AM Aleksandar Topalov <kenza.topalov@...> wrote:

I am making a custom pier adapter for my AP 900 mount. Can anyone tell me what is the distance from the center (D) to the four threaded holes where the knobs fit (B). Center to center distance.



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