Re: COM Errors w/APCC

Ray Gralak


Looking at your logs, it is probably a network issue but that may be difficult to pin down. Since you replaced the switch and
cable(s), it could be the Ethernet port on the computer, the Ethernet driver, or a Windows operation causing a delay in responses.
It could also be the computer has issues, especially if it was left out in a potentially hazardous environment (e.g. cold weather,
and smoke from fires that approached SRO last year).

BTW, you said *the* CAT5e cable was replaced, but there should be at least two cables: computer to switch, and switch to mount. Were
both replaced?


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Subject: [ap-gto] COM Errors w/APCC

I looked at APCC while running remotely at SRO this morning and saw 93 COM errors. While the system is imaging
successfully these errors are concerning. I have had many errors over the past few months and have had the
CAT5e cable replaced, power cycled the switch, replaced the switch, and the behavior continues. I'm used to
having COM errors when it 1st starts and have delays in the startup script to try to minimize the errors but these are
going on throughout the night and aren't just startup issues. At this point I'm not sure what needs to be done. I use
TCP LAN as the primary connection and COM3 as my backup. In the time since starting this message and after
clearing those errors I already have an additional 7 COM errors. APCC just switched from TCP to COM 3 while
looking at the log file for this morning. The log files can be found here
<> . This is an up
to date CP4 on an AP3600GTO as well as ASCOM driver and APCC Pro being up to date.

Any suggestions would be very welcomed.


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