APPM model how many points portable?

Roger Howard

Hello, looking for opinions and guidance for how many points to model.  There are a lot of topics on this but none of them seem to answer my questions.  I set up each time in my backyard in the same place on an ATS portable pier.  I'm using APCC Pro, 1100GTO, Edge 9.25 with OAG and SGP.  My pier is within I would estimate the same few inch square each time its set up. I did a 93 point model last time because I knew I would have several nights to image and it worked great.  The problem is that with a couple failed points that went to all sky solve it took well over an hour and a half using SGP and platesolve 2 as my plate solver.

My question is:  Just use the 93 point model since its almost in the same spot?  If not, how many points to model when I will be guiding?  My problem is that summertime dark isn't until about 8pm, and I get up for work at an early 0345 every day, so if I want to just do a night or two when the sky is clear for just a night or two, what should I do?  Is there a minimum number of points?  Can't dedicate a couple hours to get a pointing model because I have to hit the sack early (ish).  I know an observatory would be the answer, but in my yard that isn't happening.  Thanks for your experience.


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