Re: Cable talk (with Linda Richman)


Hi Dale,
A big thanks for the ZWO cable insights !

I too run mine with the USB throughput at the minimum 40% level and been lucky so far (knock on wood), but do appreciate the understanding that electrically they are nothing to write home about, to say the least...
I do run 3 ZWO cameras concurrently that way, but I only run mine outdoors, away from most other devices. Eventualy, when one fails, I will cut it apart to better 'appreciate' the quality of construction as well ;)
I had previously found some high end flat flex cables out there, that did have either coaxial or twisted pairs, as well as an overall braided shield, but they looked fairly thick (compared to the ZWO cables) and were hundreds of dollars each. IIRC they were marketed for robotics and industrial automation hi flex applications as well.
Thanks for the L-com info everyone !

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