Re: Cable talk (with Linda Richman)

Dale Ghent

On Apr 11, 2021, at 08:11, Astronut <> wrote:

Great Info !
About the L-com cables...
When they say ultra flexible, does that mean that they are ultra durable, to withstand many repeated movements, - OR - do they offer ultra low physical resistance to movement (like the ZWO USB3 flat cables that they use wth their cameras), OR BOTH ?
Both. Their high-flex USB cables are rated for 10,000 flex cycles. They use a TPE jacket instead of the more typical PVC one, so they remain flexible in colder temperatures where vinyl will start to stiffen up and, in some cases, crack.

So far, the ZWO flat cables seem to have very low resistance to movement, but only in the flat side orientation, of course.
I too am looking for some versatile USB3 cables that are reasonably durable, but with extremely low physical resistance to movement.
ZWO's flat cables are verified trash. I cut one open not too long ago to find two major faults:

1. The pairs are not twisted around each other, which is the only way you can get a flat cable obviously. The lack of this group twist reduces the cable's ability to reject interference

2. There is no encompassing grounded braid under the jacket, so noise rejection is further limited. The individual conductors are molded into the flat cable jacket.

If these cables work for anyone, it's by luck more than anything else. Low noise environment, probably. I had this same issue back when I got my first ZWO camera. The thing couldn't keep a connection in my office, surrounded by a lot of computing equipment, but seemed fine outside, with the ZWO driver's USB Limit setting also set to its lowest value of 40.

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