Re: Mach2 thru-mount USB when using USB 3.0 ? (and an M51)


ok.. I read the Mach2 manual.   It seems this might be a reasonable option:

Presumably the cabling with the hub would be ...

Computer --> USB-3-A--cable--USB-3-B --> Geamo hub --> USB-3-A--cable--USB-3-A. --> Mount --> USB-3-A--cable--USB-3-B --> camera


On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 11:27 PM Jeffc via <> wrote:
i've been troubleshooting an issue with a new camera (QHY268M) (and of course new-to-me drivers).

This is the second night I've had the QHY268M up and running.   
The reliability of getting images out of it has been very hit and miss for me.   
I'm using the Ascom QHY drivers, but also noted issues with "native driver" capture apps.

The reliability issue seems to be cable related:

-- It turns out if I run the USB 3 cable direct from the camera to the computer then it seems reliable.   (I'm still testing this configuration for "longevity".)
-- However if I run the cable "through the Mach2 mount", then the connectivity is kind of flakey.  Sometimes the downloads just don't happen.  Sometimes the camera disappears from the win10 Device Manager.

Works:   Camera --> USB-3-B--cable--USB-3-A --> Computer
Is flakey:  Camera --> USB3-B--cable--USB-A --> Mach2 --> USB-A--cable--USB-A --> Computer

Anyone else run into USB-3 issues with the "mach2 USB pass-thru"?
Any suggested solutions?    

For example, I'm wondering if adding a USB extender somewhere along the data path would help.

(I will note the USB-2 ST-8300M worked fine with the Mach2 "thru the mount USB".)

A workaround would be to move the computer to the OTA.  To be honest, I think this is the best solution as the focuser and other devices can then connect directly to the computer without the need for a USB hub.  I would just need a smaller computer - Like an Eagle or a NUC.   (I'm currently using a late 2012 Intel-i5 Mac-Mini (running win10) which requires AC power, tho a 12volt input mod is possible.   The Mac-Mini seems rather lightweight, but it is still a bit large for "on-top of the OTA".)

Here's my QHY268M first light, 300 seconds Luminance only under light polluted skies with the AP 130 GT & Mach2 unguided.

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