Re: Cable talk (with Linda Richman)

Woody Schlom


I agree with you on just about everything you said. I've pretty much given
up on soldered connections too. And I too have recently discovered L-com
for USB cables. They're expensive, their shipping is expensive, and they
even add on a Tariff charge. But I'm really liking their cables and the
unbelievable selection they have.

Last night I was looking for a very specific kind of USB3 cable and just
couldn't find all the features I wanted in one cable. Even on their
website. So I gave in and opened a Chat session with them. And within
about 5 minutes the guy found me exactly what I was looking for -- which
doesn't show up on their website unless you have the actual part number. So
they even have more stuff than you can find on your own on their website.

Unfortunately the longest UltraFlex USB3 cable I found was 1.5m long. But
hey, I'm sure I'll find uses for a cable even that short.


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I am a fan of Switchcraft DC jacks. They seem to be of much better
quality than run-of-the-mill amazon stuff, bit easier to solder, and made in
USA. Would like to hear that others have used for ethernet RJ45 connectors
if fabricating their own patch cables as I do.

I personally prefer not to solder things anymore. While I'm pretty
comfortable with my soldering skills, I prefer to skip that with cables
because it makes fixes in the field more of an ordeal and I never have that
3rd hand when I need it. So, for power, I do crimped powerpole with an array
of adapters that I make myself.

For the typical 5.5/2.1mm or 5.5/2.5mm coaxial power plugs, I buy bags of
premade connectors that have pigtails, and they're readily available with 18
awg wiring. Example:

I take these, trim them down a little and crimp 15A powerpole ends on to
them. Since I run a Pegasus UPBv2 with 5.5/2.1mm power sockets instead of a
powerpole hub, I just have these at both ends and run a powerpole extension
cable between them of appropriate length. I also make these out of a roll of
18 awg silcone jacketed zip wire. Pretty flexible and more than sufficient
in the winter in my mid-Atlantic US temperate clime.

All my powerpile/cabling stuff fits in a small fishing tackle box and I
don't need a soldering iron (and power for it) to make anything I need when
it comes to 12V DC. Crimper, stripper, knife, side cutters, and all my
supplies fit nicely on a box that's easy to pack and doesn't take up much

For USB, I exclusively use L-com ( cables now. They have a line of
high-flex USB2/3 cables in various lengths that are really super nice to
use, especially for through-mount cabling:

They also have high-flex versions cat 5e/6/6a ethernet and HDMI.

For ethernet and RS232 over 8p8c/twisted pair, I just crimp my own using
wire and connectors sourced from wherever is handy at the moment; usually
Monoprice. I use some leftover solid-core cat6 I have on a spool from wiring
my house if the wiring isn't going to move much, otherwise I have some
stranded-core cat5e. The only use of such cable I have is on my main rig
where I made a cable to connect the focuser controller on my UPBv2 to the
HSM35 that drives my 130GTX's focuser. This will go away soon, though, as
it's all getting replaced with a Nitecrawler and that's just another
12V+USB2 wiring job.


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