APCC PRO and Virtual Ports

Jack Huerkamp


I modified the sample horizon file you sent to me and now have the horizon for my location input into APCC PRO. But now I have a new issue.

I have been using APCC Standard for years to control my AP1600 using SkyTools PRO V3 and now SkyTools V4 Imaging. I have the mount connected to the computer using the Serial/USB connection on COM3.
I have two Virtual Ports created - COM6 and COM 12. I have been connecting SkyTools to the mount using ASCOM V2 Telescope Driver - v5.30.10 on COM12 and occasionally I get a lost communication error message, SkyTools shuts down, and I then have to restart SkyTools and reconnect it. I thought that maybe since I was on COM12, that was the problem. So I created COM31, went into the ACSOM V2 Telescope Driver setup for SkyTools, changed the COM port from 12 to 31, checked the port and it was found. But when I went to connect SkyTools to the mount, a connection could not be established.
I eventually went back to COM12 and it connected right away.

Any idea what the problem could be? I would like to use the higher COM numbers if possible.

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