Re: Power cable conductor gage (AWG) of

Sébastien Doré

Looks like this thread is turning into a “free advice” private club party. Where do I sign up? I wanna laugh too! ;)

Putting it back on track, thanks to Jack for his detailed recommendations. They were almost all on my check list but maybe not on everyone’s.
My USB3 cables are no longer than 3ft from devices to hub and are good quality shielded TrippLite cable for the exact reasons you mentioned: signal integrity needs care at USB3 freqs.
All unused connectors are covered either by proper covers (or electrical tape until I get some).
The junction point of the mount power-wise will be with a harness cable I’ll make with PowerPole end terminals. One branch (to the mount) will be 18AWG and the other 16AWG to the PPBA via the TTM cable in the Mach2. The common end being a 14AWG (also terminated with PPole) to the battery.

No need for a distribution panel in my case, the PegasusPBA wired to the mount’s internal cabling does it all.

I’ll try to post a pic of my setup if I get to wake up before dusk tomorrow. Now is imaging time! :)



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