Re: Mach2 Slew Speed, Power, and Voltage Question #Mach2GTO

Greg McCall

Hi John,
That's excellent information and I much appreciate the detail. You have also raised something that I didn't consider yet with those popular power supply modules as I had not really seriously considered a 12v to 24v converter. You have also saved some effort in those current measurements so again, thanks for that detail.

(I wonder what the 12v current is just operating the Mach2 at 12v.  Something to watch next time. -- The AP spec of 5A minimum is not very helpful as you usually plan for a maximum both in power supply, cabling & fusing)

My LiFePO4 batteries use 14.6v but I know I can set the max on my chargers if needed and the float voltage is 13.8.

I also use a NUC with a 12v to 19v converter. It's designed to power a laptop in a car so I assumed it could handle at least the charge voltages of lead-acid. (just replaced the cigarette lighter plug with a powerpole connector)


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