Re: About APCC and ISS tracking and PC Time

Are any of these using the 1 PPS feature of GPS for better accuracy than the serial data stream?   


I’m not sure there is a practical difference but they all seemed to not have it, not sure if that’s a windows/USB thing, or just that they are a bit behind, or if there’s something expensive about it so it doesn’t show up in these products?


I went to buy one and felt like I was getting a CFL light bulb instead of LED – not awful, just not current.



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@Dale & All,

The app came for free with the GPS dongle. Not very sophisticated. Thus probably missing out on DST. I asked NMEATime2 about preferences of COM over USB vs BT. BT seems to be deprecated. More interesting the 2sec gap between Win10 clock and GPS. I had used the sync with network in the MSFT clock settings popup just 5min prior. Alas I probably hadn't let the GPS soak for  long enough. Will try again.

Ping for Ray : Any ideas about hand controller / joystick override for the ISS tracking ?


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