Re: Power cable conductor gage (AWG) of

Sébastien Doré


Technically, all the points made were valid, but practically, to power an AP mount, don't over-think it! 

It doesn't change a thing if the mount is an AP or other brand, minimum voltage requirement needs to be met for proper operation. 

Besides, the extension I plan to make with that cable isn't even to power the mount, but rather my pegasus powerbox to which all cameras, NUC and peripherals are connected. All this can pull significant amperage at times, hence causing the undesirable voltage drop (the NUC is the most unpredictable part of the system). I should probably have added that my setup is for 100% portable use (so weight is also a concern) and aims to be powered by a single 12V 24Ah sealed battery, even in the cold winter nights I can get at my place (-20 to -25C).

But to those who don't require/like to fiddle with that level of optimization, I agree using a higher gauge might be the way to go...


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