Re: Power cable conductor gage (AWG) of

Christopher Erickson

Some of you people are REALLY over-thinking this...

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On Fri, Apr 9, 2021 at 7:48 AM Kenneth Tan <ktanhs@...> wrote:
Try getting the cables from Powerwerx. They also supply the Anderson powerpole connectors. 

On Sat, 10 Apr 2021 at 01:05, Seb@stro <sebastiendore1@...> wrote:
I was looking at SJEOOW Seoprene Cu cable from Southwire (similar to the power cable that goes from the power source to 12-24V input on the CP5). Those are rated at 300V and stay quite flexible even at very low temperature (rated from -50 to 105 Celsius). The 16/2 nominal DCR is 4.05 Ohms/1000ft and composed of 26 strands of 30 AWG conductors. 

If I can find it somewhere in bulk quanity, I should be good to go.


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