Re: About APCC and ISS tracking and PC Time

Dale Ghent

I'm not sure which app it is that you're using, but it's probably not adjusting its display of time for DST given that it's 1 hour behind your clock display and your location is observing DST. Seems odd to me that it wouldn't do this, but perhaps it uses its own timezone conversion based on the coordinates and this tz data might not have any notion of DST or purposefully avoids adjusting for it.

If you want your computer clock to be tied to the GPS-derived time, you should use an app like the aforementioned NMEATime2 instead of eyeballing it. Give sufficient time for the GPS lock to happen and the computer clock to the slewed to the GPS time before connecting to the mount with the A-P driver, which should have the "Sync PC time to mount" option set. I believe this is done only on initial connection to the mount when location and time are initialized.

Actually, this is a good question for Ray: Is the clock sync done only on initialization or is it also done periodically for the duration of the connection? I've never been clear on this and have always assumed it was a one-time deal when the driver first initializes the mount.


On Apr 9, 2021, at 01:30, drgert1 via <drgert1@...> wrote:

Hello All,

Thanks for the great discussion. I just tested a GPS dongle vs the Windows 10 time (just after having told Windows to sync with the network time reference). The time is off by 1hr and 2sec. Now, which one is right for ISS tracking? Very interesting!



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