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I know this post is a few back, but when I start APCC i auto start the ASCOM driver at the same time

I usually run into problems if I try to start the ASCOM driver separately

i use APPM with APCC all the time and it works great for me using the above

On Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 10:34 AM mjb87 via <> wrote:
OK. I am sitting in the observatory trying to get it to work. I am encountering the same problem. Here is exactly what I have done

1. I restarted the computer, just in case. No other applications are running.

2. I started APCC. The boxes checked are the three you recommended: Auto-Connect and Create Virtual Ports First (in Mount) and Auto-Config (in AP V2 Driver). I have unchecked the "keep APCC on top" box for APCC.

3. APCC connected to the mount via TCP LAN. It reported that it was creating virtual ports. This took about 6 seconds. I initialized the mount. It starts tracking.

4. The Virtual Ports tab shows two virtual ports connected.

4. I start APPM

5. I click on Connect for the Scope. The driver window opens and then I get the same error message all along:

6. I go back to APCC Setup window and click Now on the auto-config for the driver. A window emerges asking if I'm sure. I click OK. I get a yellow window saying I should restart driver. Before i can respond I get a green window saying driver has been successfully updated.

7. I try APPM again and try to connect to Scope. I get this error:

8. If I then click on driver settings in APPM I get this. Not that If I check port on COM4 and COM6 (the two virtual ports) I get a "Mount Not Found" error.

9. I'm not a systems guy by any means, but it seems that APPM needs to connect only via a virtual port set up by APCC and somehow these virtual ports are not being set up. If I manually create another virtual port (e.g., COM32) and then tell the driver setup to use that I get the same "Mount Not Found" message.

10.  Only after all of this I started up SGP and TSX one at a time. Neither would connect to the mount via a virtual APCC port but I could connect if I reset the driver connection to the IP address.

Any suggestions from here?


Brian Valente

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