Re: A Question Regarding an AP900 Mount

Kenneth Tan

I think the issue is with the asi air.  I have experienced the same problem where it fails to move with a goto command from the asi air app. I either try multiple times or move it with the hand controller a little bit and then click the goto on the app again and it moves properly .

I was wondering if it is some delay from the wireless connection from the ipad to the asi air. Also possible is the cable/ wifi problem from mount to asi air. I cannot be sure which. 
By the way I am running the AP Mach2 ae with gtocp5 . I had to use gtocp2 settings on the app for It to work. Therefore, my problem may have a different etiology

On Fri, 9 Apr 2021 at 00:02, <> wrote:
Hi Everyone

I'm looking for some insight.  Last night while using my AP900 mount, my software was sending the mount to a location in the sky and I could hear the dec axis motor but there was no movement of the dec axis.

When I tried to manually slew the mount via hand controller, it moved ok.  And later did slew to other locations.

I am using the ASIair pro system to control the mount

When I grasp the dec axis and try to move it, it seems to be solid with no backlash.

Any insight into what may have happened to the dec axis not moving?  



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