New user APCC Meridian Limits question, managing limits across different scopes #APCC


Last night I used the tracking limit explorer to define meridian limits for the first time and the process worked very well.  My question involves keeping track of the correct limit file across scopes that have drastically different limits.  My C11 is back heavy and short, allowing it to go well past the meridian.  The MN190 is front heavy and long and will impact the tripod much sooner.  I know I can save the limit files and using a recognizable name pick the correct file.  However unless I am missing something it doesn't appear the name of the file in use is displayed by APCC.  Does APCC have a similar concept to SGPs 'equipment profile' that I overlooked?  If not the limit file name method will work, I just have to be careful to select the correct file per session.

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