Mach 1 Counterweight Hole

Bryan R.

Hello all.  Just joined, 1st post.  So I just purchased a second hand Mach 1.  It was well loved, and that's a good thing btw, but I am trying to disassemble the mount 8n a feasible manner so I can get all the dirt, grime, etc out of it.  I just ordered a grease kit, so I will be going through that evolution as well.  My question is on potential removal of the piece which accepts the CW shaft.  It appears as though it should be removable, but I can't seem to get it to budge.  Is it indeed removable, and if so is there a retention screw somewhere that is locking it in place?  I didn't souse down on it too much for fear of damaging something, but it is not moving.  Any guidance would be appreciated very much.


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