Re: APCC / APPM Frustration

Ray Gralak

If you already have virtual ports defined, then you don't need to do that step.

After clicking the "Now" button you will see three popups in a row. Unchecking the "Keep on top" checkbox in APCC will prevent those popups from being hidden behind APCC.


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Thanks, Ray. Some follow-up questions

1. You say define and create the virtual ports. I have the "create virtual ports first" box checked and the ports are
there so I don't know what else needs to be done. And are the define and create two separate steps? I only see a
"create" choice on the virtual ports tab. I have always checked the "Create virtual ports first" box.

2. I did try clicking the define "now" button, several times. It just reported that the driver was defined -- there were no
windows to approve. And I still got the same error starting APPM.

3. The three boxes you say should be checked are exactly the ones that were checked when I started.

What I don't understand is why the system says I need to create the virtual ports when they HAVE been created. I
repeatedly restarted the computer and ONLY started up APCC -- no other applications -- and I still had the


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