Re: APCC / APPM Frustration

Ray Gralak

Hi Marty,


You are probably overcomplicating things. There is an option to auto-configure the driver in APCC. There is also a button in APCC to do a one-time configuration of the ASCOM driver.


To simplify things, always start APCC first and connect to the mount, then connect your other applications.


Now, to fix your problem:


1. With just APCC connected to the mount (no AP V2 ASCOM driver), define Virtual ports 1 and 2 and connect to them on the Virtual Ports tab.

2. Click the tiny "Now" button in APCC's "AP V2 Driver" Group box. This will configure the AP V2 ASCOM driver. There will be several pop-up windows to which you will need to click "OK". Afterwards the AP V2 driver will be configured correctly.

3. For future sessions enable the three checkboxes in this screen shot:



After doing this the driver and APCC will be configured correctly for use with APPM.




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> I am trying to get APPM to work with my 1100 mount. For reference, I have had success it getting it to work (different

> software installation, different computer) with my Mach2 mount. There must be something wrong with my sequence

> and setup.


> First, I start APCC and connect successfully (via IP) to the mount. Note that I have the "create virtual ports first" box

> checked and two ports get created.

> Second, I start APPM and try to connect to the mount. I get an error message telling me to start APCC (it WAS

> started) and connect the driver through APCC. Fine.





> When I go back to APCC and try to connect to the AP V2 driver, I get this error telling me to create the virtual ports

> first.




> But the virtual ports ARE created. In any case, I tried about 20 times to delete the virtual ports and then recreate

> them -- all without success in starting APPM. I restarted the computer several times as well. No success.


> What am I doing wrong? The sky was perfect for running APPM and now I have rain in the forecast.


> Marty

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