APCC / APPM Frustration


I am trying to get APPM to work with my 1100 mount. For reference, I have had success it getting it to work (different software installation, different computer) with my Mach2 mount. There must be something wrong with my sequence and setup.

First, I start APCC and connect successfully (via IP) to the mount. Note that I have the "create virtual ports first" box checked and two ports get created.
Second, I start APPM and try to connect to the mount. I get an error message telling me to start APCC (it WAS started) and connect the driver through APCC. Fine.

When I go back to APCC and try to connect to the AP V2 driver, I get this error telling me to create the virtual ports first.

But the virtual ports ARE created. In any case, I tried about 20 times to delete the virtual ports and then recreate them -- all without success in starting APPM. I restarted the computer several times as well. No success.

What am I doing wrong? The sky was perfect for running APPM and now I have rain in the forecast.


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