About APCC and ISS tracking and PC Time


Hello All,

There was a nice ISS pass yesterday. I tried to follow it with APCC horizon utility.
I see the PC time as the most tricky parameter. In my case the mount was trailing the ISS by a bit.
Obviously my PC time wasn't spot-on. Now for folks like me who are getting forgetful maybe it's an opportunity for Ray to put some automated NIST time sync into APCC just as a helpful measure. Maybe with a little popup 'OK' button.

The tracking feature is just great. I like the way it is organized sending the custom tracking speeds to the mount (which you can see in the driver UI)

My one improvement request would be to have the hand controller buttons 'N E S W' able to overlay the motion of the tracking. When I pushed the buttons during the ISS flyover the mount moved but 'something was fighting' the motion and pushed the ISS back to the edge of the field of view.

Maybe even have an option for a USB joystick to control the mount motion. (This would be even a cool thing outside off ISS tracking) :-)

Of course a great shout-out to Ray for the excellent work.


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