Re: Mach2 Slew Speed, Power, and Voltage Question #Mach2GTO

Greg McCall

You don't charge a 24v battery at 24v.
Just checking one battery spec at
It can be 28.8v-29.2v for charging and 27-27.6v as a float voltage 
(that's for a lithium battery, specifically, LiFePO4 often used in astro setups, camping, RV industry)
24v is a nominal voltage with the operating range being 22v to 29v 
While I've not been given a specification for the allowed voltages, the discussion so far has indicated these voltages are not suitable for the Mach2

Contrary to what has been said in this message thread (and a similar thread), are saying I can use a 24v battery on the Mach2 while charging?
I just see no specification and now mixed messages.

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